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This differential transceiver Board offers versatile functionality. It can operate in both send and receive modes, which can be easily configured using a jumper. It comes with a RJ45 header, Decoupling capacitor, an IC, 3 pin header, and a Jumper.

two of these can also be hooked up (one in send and one in recieve mode) to send digital signals over long distances and through noisy environments.

You can also skip the RJ45 header and use a two pin Molex SL connectors for the IO.


The logic threshhold voltage of these transceivers work with 3.3 volt logic, so you can use one transceiver to level shift to whatever voltage the 2nd one is running at. This makes it perfect for Teensy's or ESP32 microcontrollers.


By powering them off the same point as your first neopixel it ensures that the DATA IN voltage to the neopixel is always the same as VCC. meaning you wont get any higher voltage from your data line getting fed backwards through the neopixel if they are pulling your VCC line down due to its current draw.

Demonstation video

System Layout

Neopixel RJ 45 Transceiver Board

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