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Reverse engineered Circuit boards

Updating some single sided boards that had several components fail over time.


Itty bitty MIDI

Drive up to 16x 8 amp channels using midi signals


Welded Desk legs

2" box tube legs for a butcher block desk

welded desk legs

2 Speed Gearboxes

2 speed pneumatically shifting gearboxes for a FRC robot powered with 3 775 PRO motors.

2 speed shifting gearbox

Ball run exhibit controls

Control system for a ball run exhibit. Uses a Teensy 4.0 programmed using the Arduino IDE.


A Whole lotta MIDI

Drive up to 32 digital outputs using MIDI signals


Water cooled 3d Print Head

Pneumatically actuated water cooled 3d print head, slides on a 7mm Hiwin rail

water cooled print head

VMC ToolChanger Parts

Some parts on my vertical machining center were heavily worn, so a replacement had to be made.

VMC toolchanger parts
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