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This differential transceiver Board offers versatile functionality. It can operate in both send and receive modes, which can be easily configured using a jumper. When operating in send mode, it facilitates the transmission of digital signals, while in receive mode, it receives signals.

These differential transceivers are designed to work within a voltage range of approximately 5.5 volts to 24 volts, making them compatible with 12v-24v Neopixels. If you require a transceiver specifically designed for 5-volt systems, a suitable option can be found here. The board incorporates an onboard 5V regulator, ensuring a stable logic output voltage of 5 volts when powered through the two-pin header. Additionally, the pins labeled 24V and GND on the connectors are connected together, with a maximum current handling capacity of 7.5A (THESE USE AN ATO AUTOMOTIVE FUSE WHICH IS INCLUDED)

One notable feature of these transceiver boards is their ability to transmit digital signals over long distances and through noisy environments. By connecting two boards—one operating in send mode and the other in receive mode—you can achieve reliable signal transmission even in challenging conditions.

To gain a better understanding of the functionality and usage of the Differential Transceiver Board, you can refer to the provided demonstration video and system layout.



12v-24v Neopixel RJ 45 Transceiver Board

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