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This is an 8 channel differential transmitter. Originally designed for use with the OctoWS2811 LED Library. It comes with 2 RJ45 headers, 2 dip sockets, 2 ICs, and a 10 pin male header but you can use any 0.1" pitch connector. Alongside it also has a footprint silkscreened for a 10 pin Molex SL connector. This board is part of the long distance neopixel communication system but can also be used to send digital signals over long distances and through noisy environments when coupled with a differential tranceiver board in receive mode.

This board also performs level shifting when paired with a differential tranceiver board that is running at your desired LOGIC OUTPUT voltage.


Demonstration video

System Layout

OctoWS2811 Neopixel RJ45 Transmitter

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